Monday, June 1, 2009

What is the stanky legg?

The stanky leg is a song and dance combo created by the G Spot Boyz, now known as the GS Boyz, a Texan rap group. You can see a bunch of examples at this stanky legg site. It came out around November of 2008 and has taken the United States by storm, particularly on the east coast and in the "dirty south." This dance is the latest in a long line of cheesy but popular dance moves which includes the Cupid Shuffle, Whoop Rico, Bird Walk, and even the Macarena and YMCA if you want to go back that far.

For whatever reason, these types of dances still remain popular, even though they have their detractors. Many people say this kind of music isn't "real rap" or that the artists are just trying to make a fast buck with a fad. While both of those things may be true, fad dances don't appear to be going away, it's the opposite actually. There seem to be more and more of them, and the reason why is this. Quick to learn, easy dances are fun.

Anyone who has been to a club lately has seen this exact situation: the dancefloor is pretty much empty, then the DJ decides to put on Cupid Shuffle or Stanky Leg and all of the sudden, the floor is packed with people lined up doing the dance and having a good time. Even though it's easy and can be kind of silly looking, give it a try, you just might have a good time.

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